We’re taking action now to help tackle the global water shortage for millions of people. There’s plenty you can do too…

Reducing our water use

What we’re doing

What we’re doing
When it comes to water, at P&G we’ve set ourselves some ambitious targets:

  • Reduce water used in our manufacturing facilities – we’ve already cut 58% between 2002 and 2012 and we’re aiming to cut another 20% per unit of production

  • Provide 1 billion people access to water-efficient products – by producing products that require less water, we can encourage people to do their part
    More powerful formulas = less water

When you use shampoo, you use water. There’s no getting around it.

That’s why we’re focusing on making our products more water-efficient – in other words, faster acting and quicker rinsing so they need less water.

It means you can stay 100% flake free in just a minute with no time wasted with the shower running.

What you can do
You can play your part to help save water in the shower too. Here’s how:

  • Take shorter showers – the average person spends 8 minutes in the shower, using more than 70 litres of water. Cut that by half and you’ll save 35 litres of water a day for everyone in your household – for a family of 4 that’s 50,000 litres of water saved a year.

  • Turn the shower off when shampooing – you only need the water to rinse so, if you can, turn off the water while you’re applying shampoo, then switch it back on when you’re ready to rinse.

  • Switch to a water-efficient shower head – older showerheads can use more water per minute than newer, water efficient ones. So look out for water-efficient ones – they’re inexpensive and typically use just 9.5 litres per minute.