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  • Itchy Scalp Care Conditioner

    - Head & Shoulders Itchy Scalp Care with Eucalyptus anti-dandruff conditioner works to moisturize your scalp and hair all day long - Gentle on hair and pH balanced for daily use - even on color or chemically treated hair

    $6.75 MSRP
    Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price
  • Itchy Scalp Care 2-in-1

    - For all-day itch relief* (*itch associated with dandruff; with regular use) - Formulated with Head & Shoulders’ NEW Fresh Scent Technology for an improved in-shower scent experience - Soothing itch-control formula contains eucalyptus and relieves scalp itch***, dry scalp, scalp irritation*** and leaves hair 100% flake free**** (***associated with dandruff) (****visible flakes; with regular use)

    Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price