Hair Care For Men: A Complete Guide For Healthy Scalp & Hair


Scalp & hair care is universal and meant for everyone, but did you know that men need a routine specially designed for them? Read on to find out why and how to get rid of a manly scalp problem we call “Dudedruff”.

Hair Care for Men: A Complete Guide for Healthy Hair

1. Importance of hair care for men
2. Essential hair care tips

When it comes to hair care, you will find countless tips and advice available on the internet for women. But the truth is that taking care of hair & scalp is universal, and important for both men and women. As a man, do you think you pay enough attention to your scalp & hair, apart from applying hair gels or getting a trim regularly? If your answer ranges between “not really” and “no”, it’s time you add ‘scalp & hair care’ to your list of important things. There are several hair woes, such as dandruff, *hair fall, itchy and flaky scalp that can be avoided if you take some time out from your daily schedule to pamper your hair. Here’s what you should know about men’s hair care.

Importance of hair care for men

Scalp & hair care is not exclusive to women, it’s for everyone! In fact, a man’s scalp and hair needs are actually very different as compared to a woman’s. A man’s scalp is up to 2x oilier, sweatier & stickier (think of those pomade and wax you’re using) than a woman’s, which can lead to more dandruff. This dandruff can be especially difficult to get rid off, causing more issues for your scalp and hair. We call it – Dudedruff!

To get rid of Dudedruff, you need a routine specially designed for Men. Let’s look at some scalp & hair care tips that will help you create the perfect routine for men.

Essential hair care tips

  • Keep your scalp clean

    When you do your homework on ‘hair care for men’, you’ll know that a clean scalp is literally where strong hair stems from. Dandruff, itchiness, and flakes are signs that your scalp needs attention and it’s sending you an SOS. Plus, these hair woes also cause your hair strands to weaken, eventually causing *hair loss. You can reverse the condition with Head & Shoulders UltraMen 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner series. 2-in-1 product is an ideal solution for dandruff and other hair woes when you are pressed for time, and the elaborate shampoo and conditioner routine seems tedious. The 2-in-1 formula used in Head & Shoulders UltraMen Series is designed specially for men, effectively detoxes your scalp, defeats that stubborn dandruff and gives you an irresistible manly scent.

    Sweaty hair is a given if you play sports or workout often, and it acts as an invitation for several hair woes like itchiness and dandruff. Keep your hair clean with  Head & Shoulders UltraMen Sports Fresh 2-In-1 Shampoo + Conditioner.This product is formulated using lemon extracts to freshen up your scalp for immediate invigoration and defeat dandruff, nourish dry scalp, and reduce itchiness.
  • Limit the use of hair styling products

    Hair styling products help you attain the desired look. But, if your shampoo doesn’t remove these products from your hair completely, it leads to product buildup. It can irritate your scalp and trigger dandruff and other hair care issues. If you cannot do without your styling products, use  Head & Shoulders UltraMen Deep Clean 2-In-1 Anti-Dandruff Shampoo.Formulated using activated carbon, this 2-in-1 product gets rid of oil and product residue to give you clean, healthy hair.

    If you want your hair to smell great and get rid of impurities at the same time, try  Head & Shoulders UltraMen Old Spice 2-In-1 Shampoo + Conditioner.This 2-in-1 hair product is infused with the famous ‘Old Spice’ perfume and leaves behind a fragrant scent. Allow the relaxing sandalwood notes to soothe your irritated scalp and fight dandruff, nourish dry scalp, and reduce itchiness (caused by dandruff).
  • Dial down the heat

    Direct exposure to high temperatures in the form of hair straighteners, hair dryers or curling wands can damage your hair strands. If you have long hair or there’s a hair emergency that can be fixed only with any of these tools, ensure that you use a heat protectant product on your hair before you start styling. This can reduce the direct impact and lower the risk of heat damage.
  • Get regular trims

    Even if you are growing your hair to try out the stylish man bun or simply long for a ponytail, you still need to get regular hair trims. This might be in contrast with your desire to sport long hair, but trimming your hair keeps them healthy. It gets rid of unwanted split ends and allows your hair to grow well. Men with short hair too should trim their hair as it helps maintain their haircut and look well-groomed.

Create a scalp & hair care routine for men using these tips and hair products from Head & Shoulders. Men deserves a special routine designed to tackle even the most stubborn dandruff and hair issues. Say goodbye to Dudedruff today with Head & Shoulders UltraMen!

*All references on this page refers to hair fall or hair loss due to breakage.