Unravelling Hair Care Secrets for Oily, Greasy Hair 


Find out what causes oily hair, and how to deal with a ‘greasy’ look quickly and easily with our expert tips and advice.

1. What causes oily hair?
2. How to prevent greasy hair?
3. How to treat oily hair?
4. Lifestyle tips to follow for oily hair
5. Quick fixes for oily and greasy hair

Think hair goals, think free-flowing, lustrous hair that feels and looks good. Now, what is stopping you from reaching there? Oil and grease that transforms your freshly washed tresses into a droopy mess in no time. There are several serums and sprays to help you fight frizz and add shine to your tresses. However, quick fixes and hair hacks are temporary and meant for emergency situations. To manage oily hair in the long run, you’ll need an expert hair care solution.

Instead of letting greasy hair take control of your life, enlighten yourself with some interesting scoop on how to prevent oily hair. But before we take the plunge and head straight to the tips to treat oily hair, you need to understand what causes oily hair in the first place. So, sit tight to get the full lowdown on the science behind the causes of oily hair.

What causes oily hair?

This occurs mostly due to two reasons: scalp issue and certain hair care habits. 

Your scalp produces an oily substance called sebum that gives your hair its normal shine and keeps it moisturised. Sebum is vital for your hair as it prevents it from getting dry and makes it less prone to breakage. However, everything goes for a toss when the scalp goes into overdrive and produces more sebum than your hair needs. This can either be hereditary or occur due to hormonal changes, climate change, poor diet, improper hair care regimen, and medications too. This excess sebum eventually causes dandruff and brings with it a slew of other hair care woes. 

How to prevent greasy hair? 

Here are some measures, and easy tips and tricks to follow to prevent greasy hair from derailing your day.

  • Use the conditioner the right way:

Let’s get this straight—even oily hair needs a conditioner. It’s a misconception that you don’t need a conditioner since your hair already has an excess of moisture (courtesy oily scalp)., Truth is; all hair types require a healthy dose of hydration. The key to preventing a hair debacle caused by a conditioner is to find one that meets your hair care requirements. Another practice that can prevent your tresses from becoming oily is to apply the conditioner only to the ends and avoid the scalp. Don’t forget to rinse your hair thoroughly.

  • Choose the right hair products:

While some hair products offer immediate release from the clutches of greasy hair, others act like quicksand. Read the labels and stay away from the ones that say “shine-enhancing” or “frizz control”, since these products make use of oil to reach their respective hair goals.

Pro-tip – look for hair products that offer a volumising effect.

  • Choose the right brush:

The secret lies in the details! Think of this when you choose a hairbrush. Though it is believed that brushing oily hair only makes it worse, the right brush won’t worsen the already-delicate condition. Choose a boar-bristle brush since the fibres pick up the greasy roots and distribute the natural oils throughout your hair. However, refrain from overbrushing as it stimulates oil production.

  • Don’t always rely on dry shampoo:

Dry shampoo does help you out when you are in a tough spot but refrain from relying on it completely. Just like other hair products tend to sit on your hair, dry shampoo too causes build-up. This dries out your scalp and triggers it to produce more oil. Try cutting back on dry shampoo and add one more day of hair-washing to your schedule. 

Now that you are well-acquainted with ways to prevent greasy hair let’s look at how to treat slick, oily hair.

How to treat oily hair? 

The right hair treatment cleanses your scalp but does it gently. There’s no particular cure for oily hair, but there are some incredible hair products that help you control an oily scalp, and leaves you with fresh, clean tresses. 

Head & Shoulders Clean & Balanced Shampoo for clean scalp is the ideal choice for hair that’s oily and needs a deep cleanse. This shampoo comes with seven benefits – calms itchy scalp, fights dry scalp, relieves irritation, reduces redness, controls flaky scalp, great scent, and leaves your hair looking great. Moreover, this shampoo is formulated with Head & Shoulders’ NEW Fresh Scent Technology for an improved in-shower scent experience.

Pair it with the Head & Shoulders Clean & Balanced Anti-Dandruff Conditioner for better results. This conditioner seals in the dandruff-fighting power for a healthy scalp and great hair. The clean-rinsing conditioner provides balanced conditioning and makes your hair more manageable.

Lifestyle tips to follow for oily hair 

Since you know that an overactive sebaceous gland is the primary cause of oily hair, you need to make certain amends to your lifestyle to prevent greasy hair. For starters, add more vitamin-B rich foods, especially B2 and B6, to your diet as these vitamins are believed to control sebum production. Add pulses, green leafy vegetables, and seaweed to your diet. Plus, refrain from consuming greasy food. Instead, increase the intake of vegetables and fruits, and drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated can improve the condition of your hair and is beneficial for your overall health. 

Quick fixes for oily and greasy hair

Are you late for work and struggling with your hair? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are some quick fixes or easy hairstyles for oily and greasy hair.

  • Brush your hair back and secure it into a high ponytail with a hair tie. 
  • If you need something to hide your greasy roots, a pretty silk scarf or a headband will do the job.
  • In case you are pressed for time, a half-up bun should do the trick. Use a little dry shampoo to prep your strands and add some volume and thickness to your tresses. Separate the top section and pull it back into a messy topknot, and you are ready to go.
  • If all else fails, you always have the reliable dry shampoo to fall back on. Distribute the dry shampoo across your scalp and let it work for about two minutes. Once it’s settled, tousle your hair or brush it to remove the excess dry shampoo. You can now style your hair whichever way you want. 

Oily hair is quite unpredictable, but these hacks can always help you manoeuvre your way through this dilemma. With the right hair care habits and the right hair products, managing oily, greasy hair won’t be an ordeal anymore. Get ready to ditch your greasy roots and flaunt hair that looks and feels clean and refreshed.