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Treating a Dry Scalp - A Guide to Dry Scalp Cure


If your scalp is feeling tight and irritated, theres a good chance youre suffering from dry scalp. Find out whats causing it and how to treat it

Dry scalp is often a sign the skins natural moisture defences are damaged.

In healthy skin, the outer cell layers are arranged like a brick wall and they work to keep moisture locked in so your body stays properly hydrated.

But when the scalp becomes irritated, that structure becomes weakened, allowing essential moisture to escape and the skin on the scalp can dry out.

How to treat dry scalp

When your scalp is dry, an effective treatment needs to do two things:

moisturise a dry scalp

tackle the root cause of the damage to help the body repair its natural moisture defences

A good dry scalp shampoo does exactly that.

By delivering a moisture boost to the scalp, it treats the symptoms and by helping to treat dandruff too, it helps to prevent further damage to the skin, allowing your body to repair the damage more effectively.