Everything you should know about dry scalp

Dry scalp can cause a great deal of discomfort and add to your hair woes. Learn how to control dry scalp with our expert tips and advice.
Dry Scalp

1. Causes of dry scalp
2. Symptoms of dry scalp
3. How to treat dry scalp?
4. How to prevent dry flaky scalp?
5. When to see a doctor?

Your hair goes through a lot in a day. All the primping, styling, colouring and grooming can take a toll on hair health. Add to that environmental stressors, and sometimes hair damage becomes a daily reality giving you a dry scalp or even dandruff.

But don't worry, there’s some good news. Dry flaky scalp is treatable, and with the right treatment, you’ll be back to flaunting clean, luscious locks in no time. However, before we look at some ingenious ways to tackle the damage caused by dry scalp, let’s look at what causes it in the first place.