An Expert Guide to a Sensitive, Itchy, and Dry Scalp


Get our experts tips on dealing with scalp problems including itchy scalp, dry scalp and sensitive scalp with our guide to the causes, symptoms and treatment

Itchy scalp
Dry scalp
Sensitive scalp

Almost half the population suffers from some kind of scalp problem.

These problems are very often caused by dandruff. As your scalp becomes irritated by the dandruff-causing microbe, Malassezia globosa, your scalp responds not just by flaking but can become itchy and dry too.

Itchy scalp Research shows itching is actually the most common and most uncomfortable side effect of dandruff.

As your scalp becomes irritated, it starts to feel itchy. And of course, your immediate reaction is to scratch.

But scratching can damage an already delicate scalp, leading to more irritation, so it becomes a vicious cycle.

Dry scalp If youve ever experienced dry skin on your face or hands, youll know the tight feeling thats a key sign your skins moisture defences are damaged.

And its exactly the same on your scalp. As dandruff damages the skins natural moisture defences it can dry out, causing it to feel tight and uncomfortable.

It can also affect the hair, making it frizzy and dry as it fails to get sufficient moisture to keep it looking healthy.

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Sensitive scalp
The scalp is the third most common area for sensitive skin after the hands and face, meaning it can become red and irritated easily.

Theres plenty you can do, from simple things like turning the water temperature down in the shower to choosing a shampoo thats designed to be gentle on sensitive skin.

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Struggling with more severe scalp problems?

Itch, dryness and sensitive scalp arent the only problems you might experience. There are also more severe problems including:

  • scalp psoriasis
  • seborrheic dermatitis

Find out more about these issues including how to spot them and how to treat them with our experts guide to severe scalp problems.

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