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FAQ- Can You Cure Dandruff and Prevent It from Recurring?

FAQ- Can You Cure Dandruff and Prevent It from Recurring?


There’s no cure for dandruff, but it’s still possible to stay flake-free for life

Dandruff is what dermatologists call a 'recurring condition' so unless you treat it regularly, your symptoms will probably return.

That’s because the 3 factors that cause dandruff - naturally occurring microbe, Malassesia globosa, scalp oils, and a scalp that’s sensitive to the microbe - are nearly always present.

Fortunately, getting rid of dandruff and helping prevent it in the future, is easy with Head & Shoulders.

The Zinc Pyrithione (ZPT) in Head & Shoulders’ anti-dandruff shampoos work not only to remove flakes, but also provides an invisible, protective barrier against scalp irritation to keep your scalp healthy. Every time you wash your hair with Head & Shoulders you’re reinforcing your protection and keeping flakes at bay.

So don’t just reach for Head & Shoulders when your dandruff flares up, but make sure you use it as part of your daily routine to manage your dandruff and stay flake free for life.

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