Tips on How to Stop Dandruff from Coming Back


Suffering from dandruff? Heres how to treat it and stop flakes from coming back.

A lot of people often ask, is there a cure for dandruff? and the simple answer is no its a recurring condition so a one-off treatment wont get rid of dandruff permanently.

More about the cause of dandruff

Thats because its caused by a microbe thats always present on the scalp Malassezia globosa. So while you might get rid of flakes when you use Head & Shoulders, its likely to come back again.

But thats not to say you cant stop flakes coming back.

How to get rid of dandruff permanently

The answer is quite simple just use Head & Shoulders anti-dandruff shampoo every time you wash your hair.

Youll wash away any flakes plus, youll stop them coming back because youll fortify your protection against the root cause, as well as any external factors that can damage your scalp.

Avoid rotating your shampoo

Theres a common myth that you should switch shampoo regularly for the best effect. However, weve never seen any evidence to show thats beneficial.

In fact a lot of people complain that their dandruff keeps coming back but on many occasions thats because they switched to a different, cosmetic shampoo.

Without the key anti-dandruff ingredient, anti-dandruff active, they lose their protection against Malasseizia globosa so its not surprising flakes return.

Occasionally you might find you need a different type of shampoo for example, you may want to inject some life into your hair if its feeling dry. Thats why we developed a whole range of shampoos from our Damage Rescue shampoo to our ultra-conditioning Smooth and Silky.

They all contain anti-dandruff active, so whichever one you choose youll remain protected against flakes and you can help stop dandruff from coming back.

Choose the right conditioner too

Another thing many people forget is conditioner. Using an ordinary, cosmetic conditioner could reduce the effectiveness of your anti-dandruff shampoo.

Thats because they can wash away the key anti-dandruff ingredients.

So choose an anti-dandruff conditioner we have developed them to work hand-in-hand with our shampoos so they compliment the dandruff-fighting power in your shampoo while leaving your hair soft and smooth as all good conditioners should.

It means you never have to compromise on great-looking hair and you can keep dandruff from coming back.