Can Using the Wrong Shampoo Cause Dandruff


Put simply, no. But choosing the wrong shampoo could mean you never get rid of flakes. Heres what to look out for to pick the right shampoo.

Dandruff isnt caused by a shampoo. Its caused by a naturally occurring microbe thats present on everyones scalp (regardless of what shampoo they use!).

So you either have dandruff, or you dont. Theres nothing in any shampoo on the market that will give you dandruff.

What happens with the wrong shampoo?

Using the wrong shampoo could make your dandruff appear worse.

As a dandruff sufferer, if you dont use a shampoo thats clinically proven to help get rid of dandruff, the problem could escalate and flakes could build up.

So it might seem that its caused the problem, but all thats really happening is that the symptoms have been allowed to persist.

Getting rid of dandruff by choosing the right shampoo

When you choose the right shampoo you will be able to treat dandruff.

Dont just take our word for it our active ingredient anti-dandruff active is approved by the FDA and other regulatory bodies around the world as an effective dandruff treatment.

Its been shown in 200+ clinical trials to help get rid of dandruff and leave you up to 100% flake-free when you use it regularly.

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