Natural Dandruff Remedies - Is Lemon Juice for Hair and Dandruff Useful?



Many people have tried to get rid of dandruff using lemon juice but does it really work?

The idea behind lemon juice is that it alters the pH level the acidity of the scalp and protect against the dandruff-causing microbe Malassezia globosa.

However, while it may have a very short-term effect on the microbe, any change to pH is just temporary.

The pH level of your scalp changes throughout the day and so any change by using a lemon juice natural remedy will be quickly reversed.

Instead, to truly treat dandruff you need to use a shampoo with an active ingredient that tackles the root cause.

Head & Shoulders shampoos contain anti-dandruff active, which has been proven in hundreds of clinical studies to be effective against Malassezia globosa.

The result is flake-free, beautiful looking hair.

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