Natural Dandruff Remedies - Is Olive Oil Useful for Hair and Dandruff?


naturalDandruffRemediesCanOliveOilGetRidOfDandruff Many people have tried to get rid of dandruff using olive oil but does it really work?

People often use olive oil as a moisturising treatment to tackle a dry, flaky scalp.

And while it may give some temporary relief, it doesnt do anything to tackle the root cause.

Flakes and dry scalp caused by dandruff are the result of a microbe present on everyones scalp Malassezia Globosa.

So to get rid of dandruff, dont just treat the symptoms temporarily with olive oil tackle the root cause of the irritation.

Thats how our anti-dandruff shampoos work they contain anti-dandruff active, which has been proven to get rid of dandruff by tackling the microbe that causes it.

We also include some of the best elements of beauty shampoos like great scents and conditioners to leave your hair soft and smooth.

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