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How to Prevent an Itchy Scalp During Winter?


Itchy scalp is a common response to irritation, and in winter there are lots of factors that can lead to irritation. Here are our top tips for keeping warm in winter while protecting your scalp and avoiding that annoying itch.

1. Turn the heat down

Its always tempting to have long, hot showers in winter but be careful!

Very hot water can damage your scalp. The high temperatures strip moisture and could scald your skin leading to inflammation, irritation and, you guessed it, an itchy scalp.

Using a hair dryer can also affect your scalp in the same way, so try to let your hair dry naturally a few times a week.

2. Take care when styling your hair

Some styling products can aggravate your skin and cause it to itch.

Be sure to thoroughly wash all styling products from your hair buildup of gels and sprays could irritate your scalp and contribute to itchiness and dandruff.

So use a deep cleaning shampoo to get the ultimate clean and make sure theres no risk of residue and buildup causing irritation.

3. Wear a hat, but be aware

While wearing a hat protects your head from harsh, cold weather, it could contribute to an itchy scalp too.

Wearing a hat creates a sort of microclimate around the scalp the perfect warm, humid environment for dandruff-causing microbes on the scalp to thrive. This could lead to a dandruff flare-up as well as scalp itch.

So wash with an anti-dandruff shampoo at least 3 times a week to keep your dandruff at bay and you can keep wearing your hat and stay warm in the winter months.

4. Keep your hair and scalp protected with Head & Shoulders

Realistically, you cant get through winter without heating, hairdryers and hats. So use Head & Shoulders anti-dandruff shampoo to keep itchy scalp and dandruff under control.

Our Itchy Scalp Care Shampoo formula with eucalyptus gives you an immediate cooling sensation that calms scalp itch, while our proven pyrithione zinc (ZPT) active ingredient provides long-lasting dandruff protection.

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