New Head & Shoulders Suprême with Argan Oil for Luscious Hair and Dandruff-Free Scalp


Researchers at Head & Shoulders have discovered the healing properties of Argan Oil and this ingredient is the real winner in the new Supreme hair care range thats now available.

Argan oil has long been in use in Morocco for food and cosmetic purposes. Derived from the native argan tree, this oil is finding its way into the haircare industry.

argan Oil

The argan oil story

Argan oil is both a traditional foodstuff and remedy of Morocco. Made from kernels of the argan tree, this oil contains a host of useful ingredients:

  • Vitamin A, C and E
  • Anti-oxidants
  • Fatty acids

Along with natural anti-inflammatory properties, the oil is also well known as a moisturiser this means that it has applications for a wide variety of cosmetic and health purposes. In hair care, argan oil works its magic by helping to smoothen and soften hair. Its in this guise that its found its way into the Head & Shoulders Supreme range, each designed to bring you Head & Shoulders dandruff fighting power, while helping moisturise and smooth hair.

Using argan oil

Argan oil used correctly will help strengthen your hair by moisturising and smoothing your hair and scalp. This leaves you with hair that is not only far less prone to breakage, but looks smoother and softer as well. You can purchase and use argan oil in its raw form if youd like, simply by rubbing a small amount through your hair after youve washed it. But for greater hair and scalp care, use a product from the Head & Shoulders Supreme range something you can slot effortlessly into your everyday routine. Head & Shoulders Supreme Moisture, Smooth and Colour Care are all formulated with argan oil. So, youve got the tools to nourish and feed your hair during and after your wash. And, like all Head & Shoulders products, the Supreme range is designed to fight the cause and symptoms of dandruff, so you can kill two birds with one stone.