Know Which Conditioner is Good For Your Hair


While there are many conditioners on the market, you may need to use one that pairs perfectly with your shampoo to get the best effect possible.

Every shampoo needs the perfect partner, which is where a conditioner comes in both have different yet equally important functions.

While a shampoo cleanses and lifts up dirt and oil, a conditioner acts a moisturizer to keep your hair silky and hydrated.

Each of our conditioners is developed to match their own shampoo. When you use both together on your hair, it means that youre getting our best combination of hair and scalp moisturization.

Unlike cosmetic conditioners, ours are specially formulated to prevent dandruff, and work with their sister shampoo to restore your hair and scalpsnatural moisture.

Cosmetic conditioners on the other hand can actually wash away the active ingredient in your anti-dandruff shampoo, meaning its less effective at getting rid of the problem.

Depending on your hair type, you can make an informed decision about which conditioner to use with its correct sister shampoo.

FOR NORMAL HAIR You may have hair that is neither too oily nor too dry but needs an anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner.

Our Smooth & Silky Shampoo and Conditioner prevent dandruff and its symptoms while your hair is left moisturized and smooth.

FOR DRY HAIR Dry hair and scalp need extra care to renew its natural moisture. Our Dry Scalp Care with Almond Oil Dandruff Conditioner revitalizes the scalp and locks in moisture while keeping the hair soft and silky.

The formula with almond oil targets dryness and helps relieve irritation*.

Scalp itch is an annoying side effect of dandruff and can be made worse by scratching.

For calming relief from itch, our Itchy Scalp Conditioner with with eucalyptus extract cools the scalp on contact. Your scalp is left comfortable and flake-free* while your hair smells fresh and clean.

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*no visible flakes, with regular use